Friday, January 10, 2014

Super Easy Carnitas

Since I began pondering going back to Texas, I've been getting certain cravings, like Rotel Velveeta dip, Whataburger, and tacos! Of course, where I'm at now has lots of tacos too. But I want the kind you get in small taquerias in the SW. Like really fresh shredded meat on corn tortilla tacos.

I gave in to my cravings and decided to make some carnitas. I use a way simple recipe that yields some delicious shredded meat.

Texas Carnitas

3lb pork butt, cut into large chunks
3 cups water (1 cup for every lb of meat)
1 cup orange juice
2 tsp salt or to taste
pinch of chipotle powder (optional)

Throw everything in a large pot or dutch oven, cook over medium heat uncovered until it starts boiling. Reduce heat, simmer on low uncovered for 2 hours. Walk away, enjoy a cold one, don't touch the meat! After 2 hours, increase the heat to medium high, and stir occasionally to prevent sticking, until all the water is gone and the meat's cooking in it's own fat and juices. It should be fall apart delicious by this point.

For Tacos:

white onions
corn tortillas
hot sauce
squeeze of lime

I like my carnitas tacos with diced onions, cilantro, and squeeze of lime and of course some very hot sauce! 

Now the final step: ENJOY!


  1. Very hot sauce - another devotee!

    Do you have a favorite commercial brand or do you make your own?

    I have had a difficult time finding a commercial brand that is hot enough for me and started making my own with just powdered cayenne pepper and a little vinegar.

  2. I am not very good in the kitchen but I think I could follow this recipe. Thanks for sharing.